The Evolutions

The most similar design compare with todays' laptop invented is Osborne 1. Look how far we have come! Nowadays, laptops come with various types of size, affordable, and even lighter. Osborne 1 is about the size of a portable sewing machine. It was released on June, 1981 by Osborne Computer. It only has basic specs which were 23 lb, 5-inches and CRT display also it was sold at $1,795.

Osborne 1.

Then in 1989, Macintosh Portable was invented by Apple. It means the world to just own it because it was sold at $6,500. Do you have any idea how expensive it was back then? It has good graphics and 10 hours battery-life spans unfortunately it weighed 15.8 lb. However, Macintosh Portable could not beat LTE in term of entire aspects.

Macintosh completely blown away by LTE.

LTE was the first portable that have all of the capabilities of a desktop computer into a slim package the size of an 8 inches to 11 inches notebook. It was released on 1989 by Compaq Computer, it includes a hard drive and floppy drive, weighed 6.2 lb (much more lighter than the previous one! I could not imagine carrying a laptop weighed 15.8 lb around). And also it was much more affordable where it only costs $2,999. Day by day, new laptops have been invented along with nowadays super advanced technology. 

LTE by Compaq Computer

And the latest one is Lenovo launches portfolio of laptops and desktops on September 1, 2015. Lenovo (Lenovo Group Ltd)owned by IBM PC launches its newest portfolio pf laptops and desktops specifically desined for small and medium business that loads with latest technology and designs. ThinkPad E Series, updated Lenovo M,B and E line of Laptops also S series desktops will be included the new portfolio. The new portfolio is aimed at small and medium businesses that searching for PC solutions in decreasing IT headaches as well as increasing the efficiency.

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