Assalamualaikum and hello guys! Firstly I would like to thank my lecturer Mr Zul Fakhri for this opportunity where I was given a task which the topic is I can talk about anything (free topic). Finally, I am writing my first entry. Well it is just a simple introduction to give sneak peek on what my blog would contain of. I have chosen ‘Tips on buying a laptop’ because I believe many of us do not have the knowledge to choose the right laptop that suits with the price. Most of us boldly buy whatever recommended by the promoter without considering other aspects such as the size of RAM, the details of graphics and all. But if you are well knowledge on this topic, well good then! You are well equipped. In the next entry I will humbly share knowledge about the history of portable computer or also known as laptop. I am hoping that this blog will improve everyone’s knowledge about this certain topic thus beneficial to all of you. Enjoy reading!

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